If you've found your way to this page, it's safe to assume you are curious about us, so I'm going to put it all out here!

I am Stacie, a mid thirties girl (yes, I refer to myself as a girl! "Lady" and "Woman" seem too formal... and old) I am the wife of a supportive, and very patient guy, who probably deserves a medal for dealing with all of my crazy plans and ideas, although they usually do work out! I am also a busy mom of 3 crazy, but so lovable kiddos. 

I spent my early adult life working, A LOT. As in, 10-12 hours per day and a minimum 6 days per week. When my first was born, I just couldn't wrap my head around going back to the traditional workplace full time. For the first few years I took a few jobs working from home and on my own schedule. The time came when I realized, although I absolutely loved being home, I needed more. 

An opportunity presented itself to start my own business, selling clothing online. "Umm, what?" was my husbands first reaction to yet another crazy idea of mine. As a high school teacher, this was ever so slightly out of my wheelhouse, but I was excited and blindly optimistic about this new venture, and begrudgingly he jumped on board. 

I dipped a toe in first to test the retail waters and pretty soon I was all in and swimming laps back and forth! I'd love to say the rest is history, and it kind of is, or at least I hope it to be! 

We opened The Sweet Simplicity Boutique in September 2018. After dabbling in other online retail businesses I was in a "seize the moment" and "it's now or never" mindset and decided it was time to open our own boutique. We started selling solely through social media and in person, and have since expanded to a full website, increased our collections, and opened an in house boutique for local shoppers. Who knows what will be next for Sweet Simplicity. The sky is the limit! 

Thank you for supporting us so far and we are excited to share this journey with you! 


Stacie (and family! Chris, Palmer, Tenley and Grady - because without them, I couldn’t do any of this <3)